Rainy Days Activities for Kids

We’ve amassed many rainy days at home in our years of parenting, and here are our FAVORITE things to do. Some things our boys have invented, and others are tested and approved by our whole family for ways to have FUN on rainy days. Instead of “Rain, rain, go away”… try “Rain, rain, time to play!”

1. Cozy Spots.

This is absolutely a fan favorite in our house for rainy, chilly, or just plain lazy days. Have each child find a corner of the house (or a space behind a structure or under a table) and label it as their “spot” for the day. Add pillows, blankets, their favorite soft toys, a lamp or string lights, a book or two, and BAM! Cozy spot. The only rule is they can’t destroy each others’ spots!

2. A Block Zoo

This one is fun for the whole fam! I love activities that involve 2 toy groups. In this case, use your favorite kind of blocks (legos, Picasso Tiles, wooden blocks, classic large building blocks, etc.) and an army of small animals, humans, and even vehicles, and BAM! You’ve got a killer block zoo. Right now we are ALL ABOUT the Picasso Magnet Tiles. Make a little home for each animal and have the humans drive around feeding them – what could be better!?

3. Invention Baking

Get those aprons or mess-friendly clothes ready, and let your kids go to town. I’ll put out some acceptable ingredients for our “invention baking” adventure – cookie/cake mix, butter, flour, chocolate chips, pudding, Cool Whip, sprinkles, bananas, your favorite nut butter, honey, etc. Then, give them a big bowl and a spoon and let them create! I’ll bake the creations at 350 until they appear done, and then have a treat feast! Sometimes the desserts come out pretty tasty, AND you’ve had fun while creating #connectmoments.

4. In-House Discovery

If you’re anything like us, you might have 1 or 2 areas of your house that rarely get used. Maybe the basement, or the corner of a spare room. Today is the day to discover it! Don’t let the mess or clutter deter you and the kids from exploring it. Maybe you make it a cleaning project for everyone, or you bring flashlights and bean bag chairs and make it a new hangout! Your kiddos can even make some new artwork to decorate the walls of this space.

5. Racetrack Time

Time to gather all vehicles – Hot Wheels, and the like – for the ULTIMATE road race. Get creative and set up some kind of race track – it can be as involved as the Hot Wheels ones, or just use some cardboard. Then, get in on the fun! Let the kiddos divvy up the cars into teams, and RACE! You’ll be amazed how much FUN this actually is, if you get involved too!

6. Get Painting

You know all that paint and all those paintbrushes that you’re saving in lockdown mode for a “rainy day”? Well, that day is today! Usually I hide the paint supplies because I don’t want it to get out of hand. However on rainy or freezing days, we pull it out. I try and have a Dollar Store plastic tablecloth on hand, and I put it on our dining table for painting. Some of our favorite things to paint are blank canvases, wooden bird houses, and these animal figures. You can also search your house for old baskets or your kid’s rock collection. No matter the subject, painting as a family is always a WIN!

7. Dark Dance Party

There are few things my boys enjoy more than shutting off every light in the house. This time, we put it to good use! Gather all your flashlights, glow sticks, light-up toys, blinking tools, and string lights ready for this Dark Dance Party! As soon as the sun goes down, get boogie-ing! Blast your favorite tunes – let them take turns picking what song comes next. Some fan favorites of ours are: Cha Cha Slide, Macarena, anything Kidz Bop, and classics like Down in Africa! I’m curious to know what songs YOUR kids love?

We hope we’ve inspired you to find the FUN on rainy days. Let us know what YOU love to do in the comments! Don’t let a day go by without connecting and having some fun 🙂

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