7 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day FUN!

It’s 2021. We all know what this holiday will probably look like – staying in and making our own FUN. Blah, blah… boring, boring. Right? WRONG! You can have LOADS of fun with your family on this special day – and here’s how!


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be BIG and EXPENSIVE, but it can definitely be FUN. Pick your favorite ideas above and make it happen with your family! You can do any of these activities leading up to Valentine’s Day, OR have a Valentine’s Day PARTY at home and do some of these on the actual day! Either way, you are doing something awesome for your family and creating very special #connectmoments. (Read more about #connectmoments here). Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you have a very FUN holiday!

Here are 7 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day FUN!

  1. DECORATE. I don’t know about the tiny hands in your home, but mine LOVE to decorate. The thrill of winter holiday decor is over, and your house might be feeling a bit bored. The solution: red and pink explosion! No need to break the bank – this is a holiday where homemade and Dollar Store items are king. I love getting red and pink streamers for $1 and making hearts and arrows out of construction paper or cardstock. If you have an artificial Christmas tree, leave it up and decorate it for Valentine’s Day! Have the kiddos make decorations and do it up. Make it FUN!
  2. SWEET TREATS. Go all out on Valentine’s Day treats! My favorite thing to make with the boys are sugar cookie cut-outs. For these easy and delicious treats, all you need is a basic bag or 2 of mix and your favorite heart-shaped cookie cutters. Then, grab some white frosting and use food coloring to make it shades of pink and red. If you’re all in, grab some sprinkles and/or candy to make the cookies extra festive! Our favorite toppings are mashed up candy canes, nerds, cut-up twizzlers, and mini marshmallows! Check out our family how-to video HERE.
  3. FAMILY LOVE CLOUD. Think Thanksgiving Grateful Tree, but make it Cupid! Here are the STEPS:
    1. Cut out a big cloud shape from a white poster, like the ones at the Dollar Store.
    2. Cut out hearts in different shapes and colors (or let your kids do it) – make them big enough to write a word or do a small drawing on. Take the number of people who live in your house and multiply it by about 5 – that’s how many hearts you’ll need!
    3. Hang up the white cloud on the wall and talk to your kids about Valentine’s Day. It’s not just for couples!
    4. Each day leading up to Valentine’s Day (or all in one shot – whatever works for you!), have everyone in the house write down or draw someone they love. Immediate family, their teachers, your postal worker – anyone they can think of that is special to them. Use markers or pens so the answers are nice and bold!
    5. Paste the hearts onto the cloud with tape or glue
    6. Voila! You have created an amazing visual that brings joy to your household.
  4. PUFFY PAINT MASTERPIECES. If you’re anything like me, a good part of your childhood involved the joy of puffy paint! This versatile product can be used to make ANYTHING Valentine’s Day related. Decorate hats, tote bags, anything! We really love making t-shirts. You can either get new t-shirts to decorate, or use old ones. I love saving money, so I’ll find old t-shirts and do them up! Cut the neckline off and cut zig-zags on the bottom to make it feel new and fun! Then, go to town with the puffy paint. Once you’re all decorated, let the paint dry for about 24 hours and your t-shirt is ready to wear! Find the the paint I used from Amazon here.
  5. SCAVENGER HUNT. An absolute FUNCATCHER FAVORITE right here! This is a family activity that tops the charts. I’ll head to the Dollar Store and pick up items that in some way relate to Valentine’s Day – or things that my kids just need and use anyway! For our hunt, I purchased tote bags to collect items in, notebooks, multi-pack of Oreos, multi-pack of graham crackers, workbooks, suncatcher painting sets, colorful pens, multi-pack of fruit roll-ups, and socks. Here is my Dollar Store haul for about $19:
    • Once you have all of your scavenger hunt items, make a list for each child so they can check off items once they’re found. I’ll cut out words or logos from the packages to make it easier for them! Then, send them outside while you hide the items around your house. They will have BLAST finding everything and it makes the day extra special.
  6. CARDS. What would Valentine’s Day be without CARDS!? This time, do a budget-friendly version! Gather all of those magazines sitting around your house and get some scissors! Collage cards are EVERYTHING! Use printer or construction paper (find the one I used here) and some glue, and let your kids go to town! Pictures, words, big lettering, oh my! This messy but FUN project will produce hand-made cards that really say I Love You.
  7. COUNTDOWN. Is there anything more fun than a countdown? I mean, REALLY! There are so many ways to get creative with a special-event countdown! For now, let’s keep it simple. You can use a dry erase board, chalk board, or any kind of paper to create a Countdown to Valentine’s Day for your family. Let’s say I’m starting 10 days before the holiday and I’m using regular paper. Grab 10 pieces of paper and write one number on every sheet – 1-10 – right in the middle. If you want, let the kiddos handle that part, or at least have them decorate once you’ve written the numbers. Then, hang them up in a high-traffic area of your home. Each day at breakfast, or dinner, or whenever is right for you, talk about the countdown and take down one number! No matter what your actual plans are for the big day, kids will LOVE the thrill of a countdown and the excitement it brings.

Thanks so much for joining us on our funcatching journey. Remember, it’s all about seizing those #connectmoments! Visit our EVERYTHING VALENTINE’S DAY PAGE for even MORE!

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