What are #connectmoments?

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Throughout my blog, you’ll see me promoting #connectmoments! In this glorious, sometimes circus-ey life of funcatching, people have asked me, “but, why? What’s the point?” And I TOTALLY get it. We are busy. Maxed out. Tired and hangry. But friends, listen! The whole reason I invented funcatching is to promote connect moments. Connect moments are seized opportunities to create bonds with our kid(s).


I like to think of #connectmoments like sewing. Believe me, I am no expert sewer, but it’s the clearest visual that helps me understand how important this is. Every time we seize a #connectmoment with our child, we are building a bond in our relationship – just like a single stitch in a sewing pattern. With every bond we build, it’s like adding more and more stitches, and we are creating a strong, long-lasting product that can hopefully withstand some wear and tear. The more quality bonds/stitches we make, the stronger our relationship/fabric will be.


Here’s the GREAT news… we can create #connectmoments ANYWHERE and ANYTIME! Yippee! Even on the LONGEST of days when we’ve worked all day and picked the kids up from school, or we’ve been distance learning or homeschooling ALL FLIPPING DAY, then we have to prepare dinner, feed and clean said dinner, bath, bed, wine, and then fall into a heap of exhaustion to lie motionless for a few hours until our duties call us up again. Even on THOSE days, we can create #connectmoments. Just think, you have to do the daily mom work all day ANYWAY, so why not sneak some fun, positive moments in there?


  1. Sit with your babes while they eat.
  2. Give them an extra long hug for no special reason
  3. Do a secret handshake
  4. Put lotion on their feet
  5. Show them a project you’ve been working on
  6. Let them help you with a simple recipe
  7. Brush your teeth together
  8. Take them with you to walk the dog


…. and the list goes on! I am sure you can think of special ways that you create #connectmoments every day without even realizing it! While you’re out there catching the fun, you are bonding. Having fun with your family AND connecting!? What could be better! Check out my blog for more ways to navigate parenthood in a fun way!