6 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping with kids FUN!

You Can Do This…

Okay, so let’s get real.  Grocery shopping with kids can be a sweaty nightmare that ends in tears and meltdowns.  I’m going to show you how to CHANGE THAT!  Here you’ll find 6 LIFE-SAVING tips that can actually make your next trip to the supermarket FUN.

And here’s how.

1. Make it EASIER.  If possible, order your heavy and hard-to-mess-up items online.  Services like Instacart, Peapod, Walmart Pick-Up, and others have super easy online purchase and pop-into-your-trunk options.  I use these for heavy items like canned goods, and items that don’t need to be hand-picked like cereal.  If you can get this stuff ordered ahead of time, it will make your shopping trip MUCH easier.  BUT if you can’t, no biggie!  Read on!

2. Make it DOABLE.  Get those cute gel pens out and make a master list for yourself.  I like to shop for my produce and meats in person, so I start there.  If I know I’m taking my kids, I limit my list to 10 items or less.  Using brightly colored markers makes it extra FUN!  Let’s say my 10 items for this trip are chicken breasts, tomatoes, pears, blueberries, bananas, celery, eggs, bread,  yogurt, creamer. Find my favorite master checklist from

3. Make it KID-FRIENDLY. Involve your littles!  Talk through the master list with them and then make them each their own list.  I like to use cardstock paper, index cards, or the back of an old Christmas card (sorry, cousin Jill) for the kids’ lists, ‘cuz we all know that they will get wet/ripped/destroyed before we even make it to the market.  Use thick paper and divide the items out!  If you have 3 kids like me, divide your ten items up among the 3 kids.   Frankie (7) will have 4 items on his list, Teddy (5) has 3 items, and Benny (4) has 3.  Even better, let them write out/draw their own list!  Stash them in your purse when they’re finished so they don’t get lost before you leave 🙂 

4. Make it MEMORABLE. So, I watched an episode of Caillou while babysitting a million years ago and I will never forget the song they used to remember their market items.  “Toilet paper, lightbulbs, socks for Rosie, crayons!”  Anyone else remember this? Just me? Ok…. But seriously, putting your list to a song is a super fun way to make the trip enjoyable – and even memorable.  Simple tunes like Row, Row, Row your Boat and Twinkle, Twinkle are great melodies to use.  If I was using Row, Row, I might sing, “Chi-cken, to-ma-toes, pears, and eggs for Frank…” you get the idea!  Try this: make up the song BEFORE you leave the house, and record it on your phone!  Then you can play it while at the market!  FUN!

5. Make it A THING.  Guys, shopping doesn’t need to be the “ugh” that you dread all day.  Make it THE thing you’re doing today.  Talk about it over a meal or hearty snack so you and the kids are fortified for the activity.  There’s nothing worse than being STARVING while food shopping!  Make it your activity for the morning or afternoon and let the discussion and day prep revolve around it.  It’s okay to ENJOY this with your kids!

6. Make it – you guessed it – FUN!  Do the prep work, fill everyone’s tummies, take a breath, and GO!  You CAN do this without screaming kiddos and clammy hands.  Part of the fun will mean being prepared, so pack extra pens/markers so the kids can cross off their items once they’re in the cart.  Then, load everyone up, blast some music, and head out!  If your trip is a success, go ahead and celebrate for working together as a team.  Get yourself a coffee and a munchkin or 2 for everyone and you’ve created a fun and memorable time for all.  

Thanks for taking this journey with us!  Now go out and catch the fun!

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